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The Formation of Effective Informational and Communicative Skills of Future Translators of Scientific and Technical Literature Using Media Tools

Grushko S. P.pdf

Key words: scientific and technical literature, media texts, media educational approaches, pedagogical conditions.

The article focuses on the problems of communication skills of future translators of scientific and technical literature using media tools. This vector defines the purpose of the proposed research study — identifying opportunities for the use of media educational approach (interpretation of popular science, scientific periodicals) whilst training of future professional interpreters. On the basis of the analysis of scientific papers, pedagogical conditions of professional competence’s formation of the future translators by means of modern media educational approaches are identified. This contributes to the formation of effective information and communication skills of students-translators. It is emphasized that the translation of scientific and technical texts is a conceptual cross-language key, able to transmit the essence of the latter, being a cross-cultural transfer media objects, scientific and technical realities.