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Terms for papers

The guidelines of the journal's profile are the publication of the original and completed, not prior published researches in various fields of theoretical and applied linguistics (Germanic, Slavic, Rhaeto-Romanic, Eastern  languages), the outcomes in the most important spheres of contrastive linguistics, theory and practice of translation, experimental phonetics, machine translation, information technologies in translation, interpreting and cross-disciplinary studies.

The editorial board admits for publication only original, never before published materials, devoid of plagiarism. In the case of revealed plagiarism or self-plagiarism the article is not regarded.

Translation via online services (like Google Translator, Yandex Translator, Prompt etc.) is unacceptable.

The scope of an article must be at least 0,4 published sheets/ 10 pages and maximum 0,625 printed sheets/ 15 pages (without the references and abstract).

According to the Decree of the presidium of SAC of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003  with №7-05/1, the content of the scientific articles presupposes:

  1. problem definition and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  2. review of the latest researches and publications, where the problem in question was regarded and cited by the author; foregrounding the unsolved aspects of the issue, which the article is dedicated to;
  3. the tasks of the article is to be set;
  4. the basic data is to be presented; sufficient argument of the obtained research results should be supplied;
  5. conclusions of the given research and the perspectives of further investigation in this field are to be intriduced.