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Ethical obligations of Editors

  1. All published materials are thoroughly studied and reviewed. The editorial board reserves the right to reject the article or return it for revision. The Author is obliged to correct the article in accordance with the comments of the Peer Reviewers or the editorial board.
  2. The Editor must deal with all manuscripts submitted for publication without prejudice, evaluating each and every one regardless racial background, religious and national affiliation, as well as a position or a place of work of the Author (s).
  3. The Editor must timely deal with the manuscripts submitted for publication.
  4. The responsibility of the manuscript being accepted or rejected rests with the Editor. The Editor takes into account the recommendation of the Peer Reviewer in a corresponding research area that concerns the quality and authenticity of the manuscript submitted for publication. The manuscripts can be rejected without a review if the Editor considers it does not meet the requirements of the journal.
  5. The article is published in the journal and placed on the corresponding electronic resources after a positive editorial decision on the manuscript. It is allowed to distribute any articles or the excerpts from the journal over electronic networks. However such distribution requires obligate reference to the original source. It is prohibited to publish and/or distribute journal materials on paper and hard-copy electronic media to third parties or organizations.
  6. Electronic information resources, materials of the site, the electronic journal or the project are prohibited to be reproduced in whole or in part in any form (electronic or printed) without the prior written consent of the authors and the editors of the journal (according to Committee Publication Ethics (COPE) requirements). When using published materials in the context of other documents, a reference to the original source is required.
  7. The Editor-in-Chief and the Editors do not provide other persons with any information related to the contents of the manuscript under review, except for those who participate in the professional review of the article. The article is published in the Collection of scientific articles and placed on its web site in the original language after the final positive decision of the Editorial Board is made (taking the positive decision of the Peer Reviewer into account). The article is reproduced on the corresponding electronic resources of National Library of Ukraine named after O.O. Vernadsky and some others.