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Scientific Articles Review Procedure

Order of working with manuscripts

  1. Articles, where the subject of the research is absent, do not comply with the Collection's topicality and are not delivered for review. The information about refusal and its further publication is sent to the author.
  2. An author presents to the editorial board the article complying with the requirements of the policy of the Collection of scientific works and meeting the requirements of articles correspondence to the rules of the issue. Manuscripts which do not comply with the accepted requirements are not registered and are denied further consideration, the latter being revealed to the authors.
  3. The unique registration code, providing the author’s anonymity in the review, is appropriated to a presented manuscript that is intended to be published in the Collection.
  4. In all manuscripts sent for reviewing, the degree of uniqueness and originality of the authorial text is necessarily determined by means of the corresponding software.
  5. In case of compliance of the manuscript with the requirements of the Collection's policy and the terms of preparing the articles for the edition, as well as in case of positive result of verification in the system Plagiarist the manuscript is sent for examination to a specialist in the corresponding field of knowledge.